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New video: Fragments of Architecture

Artist Laurie Plant has just gone live with a video I shot for him of the creation and opening of his latest large-scale mural, created in situ at Wycliffe College. The video is a mixture of live video and stop motion, overlaid with some revealing interview audio. Laurie’s site has more about the mural, as does¬†my previous coverage of the mural opening.

For those interested, the stop motion was created with the excellent LRTimelapse and the video was edited in Final Cut Pro X. All footage and production by yours truly.

The Mural

It’s been a little quiet here recently, apologies for that. I have a whole slew of content to come, starting with this…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with the artist Laurie Plant to document his work on a large scale mural commissioned by Wycliffe College for their main entrance. I’m putting together some video to support an exhibition centered on the mural, and for a laugh (and to get a feel for the limits of iMovie) I put together a quick trailer for him. In the style of an action movie :-)

The Mural – trailer from Hutton Photography on Vimeo.