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Recent commission: artistic electronics for Elektron Technology

A few weeks ago I took a trip up to Cambridge to spend the day at the offices of Elektron Technology, nestled next to the world-famous Cavendish Laboratory on the University of Cambridge’s West campus. The brief was to capture some of the high tech components that Elektron produces, and to do so in a stylish manner that definitely wasn’t “catalog”. The look was to be metallic black and white, the pictures for use across all media as a part of a brand refresh.

I was working with Jim, Design Director from Velocity Partners and the man with the vision of the new brand. Neither of us knew quite what to expect in terms of subjects, as all Elektron had told us was that the high tech components couldn’t be taken off site and hence we had to come to them. Unpacking the portable studio into a corner office we were faced with quite an array: box upon box of delicate and carefully packed electronics, literally a few hundred components to pick and choose from!

We got straight down to work, warming up on one of the harder subjects: an anonymous metal box containing power control circuitry for a police car. This started to look more promising when we got the Elektron guys to remove the end plates. Suitably backlit and with shallow depth of field, the canyons of electronic components hiding inside provided just the kind of abstract tech look that we were after.

Picking from the many cases we worked through a gamut of components in quick succession: buttons and switches that looked like little robots, connectors in all shapes and sizes, the blade from a diamond cutter, the focusing plate from an electron microscope and many others besides. We finally packed up after eight hours of shooting and 60 different set-ups.

Elektron product shots-166-Edit.jpgElektron product shots-259-Edit.jpgElektron product shots-432-Edit.jpgElektron product shots-437-Edit.jpgElektron product shots-465-Edit.jpg

Having Jim on hand to act as artistic director and provide direct feedback was great and something I always encourage – it left no doubt that I was hitting the brief and delivering the kind of shots he was after. The new web site has just gone live, and it’s fascinating to see what the designers at Velocity Partners have done with the stills, cropping and cutting them beautifully to mix with the hexagon motif that is central to the new brand. You can see the results in the banners on many pages of the new Elektron Technology site.