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Event photography: Mobicamp

At the start of November I spent a couple of days in Bern, Switzerland, covering a conference. The conference in question was Mobicamp, a gathering of the founders of 100 Swiss tech start-ups. There were seminars on topics such as building and marketing their business, 1-1 coaching sessions and the opportunity to meet potential investors. The atmosphere was great, very positive, and from an outsider’s perspective the highlight was the Dragon’s Den session, where six early stage start-ups pitched their ideas to a panel of investors.

My brief was to cover the day for the organisers, capturing the speakers in action and giving a sense of the connections being made.

Keynote shot inc event branding

The keynote hall, wide shot


Using PR To Drive Downloads workshop with Dynamo PR

Silhouette in the audience

The full set of photographs have been published in the Mobicamp Flickr Pool. Also in there are a set of cartoons created live on the day by amazing sketch artist Roland Siegenthaler - see more of his fantastic work at