Creating the album cover for Turning Time

For the last few weeks I’ve been working pretty hard on the artwork for Dave Gander’s new album “Turning Time” (iTunes link). My photography is used throughout, and I’ve also done all the design work and handed off to the printers.

I’ve worked on this with Dave right from the initial concept stages. Back in early October we went out on a shoot specifically to capture the beach/surf images that set the vibe – that’s one of them above. At that point we also started working with the printers (Disc Manufacturing Services – great guys) to understand the possible formats for the finished CD sleeve. Dave wanted to incorporate some of the existing band shots alongside the new stuff so we went for a six pane layout that gave plenty of space.

The background texture is a close-up of a polished concrete floor. The polaroids were photographed in situ on that floor to get the nice shadows and 3D feel – much more fun than Photoshopping! The polaroids themselves were all created in Photoshop from my original photos, then printed and cut to size. We then spent a fun couple of hours arranging them on the floor to shoot each pane. Working in a cafe (the owner of said floor) posed some challenges, not least stopping punters trampling our set, but this was balanced up by the ready supply of coffee and snacks :-)

The shooting finished, I composited the lot together and dropped text in using InDesign. Some of the text – eg the album title and track list – is actually Dave’s handwriting, scanned in and converted to a vector in Illustrator. I think it gives a more unique and personal feel than an off-the-shelf font. I also found out where bar codes come from and obtained one for Dave – you learn something new every day…

The final step was the CD art itself. I chose to echo the front cover here, and due to the limitations of the format (only 3 colours allowed) I went for a simplified silhouette created from the original photo in Illustrator.

I’m really pleased with the result. So is Dave, which is what really matters – one satisfied customer. It’s great to see it finished and out there. Best of luck to Dave with it!

New photo shoot with Dave Gander

I’ve just updated the Music page with some pictures from the latest shoot with Dave Gander, down on the beach at West Wittering. I’m working on layout of the album cover now and it should be released real soon…


Alfie Entlebucher – dog portraits

I did a portrait shoot with a difference a couple of weeks back – for Alfie Entlebucher over at Alfie’s Blog. Alfie’s a dog who – with the help of his human Linda – runs a successful dog blog (over 3,000 views per month, not bad). The brief was to get a few shots of Alfie looking after his human and keeping her in check, for his about page and to use in posts as and when.

We got some good September weather and headed out to the park with Alfie’s favourite toys. He’s a really bouncy one year old, born to herd, and doesn’t stay still for a moment. Keeping him in frame long enough to capture him interacting with Linda was the biggest challenge! A fun afternoon, and got some nice shots out of it.

You can see more pictures from the shoot over on Alfie’s “about” page.

Jenny – portrait shoot

Jenny is an artist and software engineer. Like many people she’s not a great fan of having her photo taken. She is, however, a huge fan of tea – in all its wonderful varieties. At first she clearly felt a little awkward in front of the camera. One mug of rhubarb and cream later though the atmosphere was set, Jenny was relaxed and from there we got some great shots. Jenny was really pleased, so job done. I don’t drink it myself, but I must concede that there’s a lot to be said for the great British cuppa.

Wille and the Bandits – gig photos

Wille and the Bandits played the 12 Bar Club last week and I was there to capture their set. Will Edwards is an awesome slide guitarist so its always a pleasure to see him play. The 12 Bar is fun to shoot in too, a tiny venue where no-one ever seems to be more than 10 feet from the stage. Click on the photos to open ‘em up big.

Wille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the BanditsWille and the Bandits


I had a great shoot with Pierre yesterday. He was looking for some Facebook images and a few more fun set-ups and we managed to work through quite a range. I still have some post to do – just wait for the kick-boxing pictures – but here are a couple of tasters. I’ll get some of these up into my portraits portfolio once I’ve tidied them up.

Corfe Castle

The contact page was looking a little bland so I’ve added a nice moody shot of Corfe Castle taken at sunset earlier this year. It’s not exactly a portrait, but I figured I could get away with some personal work in that little corner of the site. Anyway, its nice and colourful :-)

Hello world

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