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My first exhibition has just opened: The Tunnel

I’ve just opened my first exhibition! “The Tunnel” is a photography project focussed on Leake Street, a tunnel beneath the tracks near Waterloo Station that is also the largest authorised graffiti site in London. A selection of images are being exhibited at The Stage Door pub near Waterloo Station in March and April 2013 (map). You can [...]

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New video: Fragments of Architecture

Artist Laurie Plant has just gone live with a video I shot for him of the creation and opening of his latest large-scale mural, created in situ at Wycliffe College. The video is a mixture of live video and stop motion, overlaid with some revealing interview audio. Laurie’s site has more about the mural, as [...]

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Exhibition: Wycliffe College

I’ve been working with artist Laurie Plant recently, documenting his work on a large scale mural for a school in the Cotswolds. This has culminated in an exhibition to mark the official unveiling, and I have a few documentary photographs included there. Laurie At Work Mural And Studies “Mural And Studies” on show in the [...]

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Event photography: Mobicamp

At the start of November I spent a couple of days in Bern, Switzerland, covering a conference. The conference in question was Mobicamp, a gathering of the founders of 100 Swiss tech start-ups. There were seminars on topics such as building and marketing their business, 1-1 coaching sessions and the opportunity to meet potential investors. [...]

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The Mural

It’s been a little quiet here recently, apologies for that. I have a whole slew of content to come, starting with this… Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with the artist Laurie Plant to document his work on a large scale mural commissioned by Wycliffe College for their main entrance. I’m putting together [...]

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A portrait of the artist: Laurie Plant

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to shoot some portraits of the artist Laurie Plant at his home studio. Laurie paints and sculpts, splitting his time between his own work, commissions and teaching. The brief was to capture Laurie with some of his newer work, giving the pieces a sense of scale and communicating [...]

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Fresh new look

It’s been a little quiet here of late, but only because I’ve been working on a major update to the site. That update is now live (you’re looking at it!). Things have changed a bit at the design level – I have a sparkly new logo and the overall look of the site is cleaner [...]

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In search of the Aurora

Whenever you read about seeing the Northern Lights you find your expectations being managed: it’s a natural phenomena that doesn’t occur every day; it might be cloudy; it might be too faint to see; it never looks as spectacular as the photos because they are long exposures. We’d tried to maximise our chances by coming [...]

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Recent commission: artistic electronics for Elektron Technology

A few weeks ago I took a trip up to Cambridge to spend the day at the offices of Elektron Technology, nestled next to the world-famous Cavendish Laboratory on the University of Cambridge’s West campus. The brief was to capture some of the high tech components that Elektron produces, and to do so in a [...]

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Hutton Photography showcased on the new Dave Gander site

Dave Gander, a musician I work with regularly, has totally revamped his website. The new version is highly visual and all based around my photos – good choice Dave Nice work from Dom Whooley, the web designer who pulled it all together. What are you waiting for, go check out!

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